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Variety: Peter pepper seeds
Product Type: Bonsai
Style: Annual
Type: Landscape Plant
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Function: Beautifying
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Terrace pepper planting methods:
Step1: Material preparation
Required materials: seed, pond mud, garden soil, sand, cultivation containers, gardening shovels, trim scissors, water
1.Soil: The ratio of nutrient soil can be used as pond mud: peat soil = 1:1before entering the basin; after entering the basin, optional soil or peat and sand can be selected according to a certain ratio.
2.Containers: generally should be selected high 10-15 cm, the size can be selected according to their own needs, single plant density of 10-15 cm.
Step 2: Sowing seedlings
1.Seeds can be directly sown, or you can soaked it in warm water of 50-55¡ãC for 20 minutes.
2.Pre-prepared nutritious soil into the basin before sowing, from 3-4cm along the pot, add water, until the soil is slightly dry to sow 1-2 grains of rapeseed at intervals of 10-12cm, covering after broadcast. 1 cm fine soil.
Step 3: Into the basin
1.When the young seedlings grow to two true leaves, they can be put in the pot.
2.Before entering the basin with tiles in the pelvic floor of the water hole to take people shape, add pebbles, then add nutritious soil, so that basin soil 2 cm below the pot, dig a good 5-7cm square hole.
3. Use a garden spade to dig out seedlings about 5 cm around the roots of the original potted plants. Put the seedlings with soil to planted pots.
4. Water to the pelvic floor with water leakage.
5. Placed in a cool place in the room after entering the pot, control the transpiration, and then put the balcony after the seedlings.
Step 4: Daily Management
1.Pepper like warm, afraid of frost, avoid high temperature.
2.Pour water every day or every other day.
3.Focus on fruit management, fruit development temperature 25-28 ¡ãC, in case of high temperature and drought, strong light directly prone to fruit scorching or fruit drop, fruit should not be more watering, requiring air-drying, or bad pollination.

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