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The new 8-coil design allows for more contact areas on the surface of the ball, which improves ball passing and control.
Dent microfiber material creates turbulence in the air, allowing the ball to fly through the air.
Glued panel seams allow air to flow between the panel and the carcass, making the hand feel softer.
The human eye can pick up blue and yellow colors the fastest, which improves the response time of the player.
For best performance, additional inflation may be required. Excluding ball pumps.
Color: Blue & Yellow
Suture method: adhesive
Material: pu
1 * volleyball (requires the buyer to inflate with a ball pump)
Volleyball maintenance matters
Leak check
1.Clean volleyball
Sand or dust entering the air valve can easily cause air leakage. Before reinflation, clean the inflated position with soap and water.
2.New volleyball cheer
When a new volleyball is pumped for the first time, air leaks from the pins because there is air between the liner and the shell during the volleyball manufacturing process
3. Cheering skills
Wet the ball needle with oil or water, and then gently insert it into the liner. Be sure to use a ball needle to inflate, if only the inflating nozzle is used, it will cause the epidermis to separate from the inner liner. Note that when volleyball is pumped, do not put saliva on the end of the needle, because saliva contains components that can digest rubber, which will corrode the gas nozzle and cause slow gassing. It is best to immerse the end of the needle in cold water, and then Insert the mouthpiece to pump up.
When inserting the needle, insert it slowly and do not puncture the bladder.
4. Follow the instructions
The transitional pumping will cause the volleyball to deform or swell. Follow the air pressure on the valve opening to refill, and adjust the air pressure properly to ensure that your volleyball is in the best state when you need it.
5. Clean the air after use
Volleyball is inflated before the game, so you must deflate after the game. Keeping it inflated for a long time can cause deformation and expansion of the volleyball, which is not good for volleyball.
6.Can't sit in volleyball
When not playing or resting, do not sit on the volleyball or press the volleyball with heavy weights, otherwise the volleyball is easily deformed. If the volleyball is not round, it may not leave the court too far;
7, do not expose
When the volleyball is not in use, it should be placed in a cool and dry place, not in a sunny place such as a balcony. Exposure can easily oxidize the volleyball leather and explode the liner;
8.Volleyball storage
The storage environment of volleyball is particular about it, and it can't be placed in high temperature and high humidity place. For example: heat the airtight car. After use, it is best not to wash the football with water, but to wipe it with a dry cloth.
9, open glue processing
Because of getting water, or the adhesion is not strong, sometimes the edge of the volleyball will open the glue phenomenon. Do n¡¯t be afraid, it ¡¯s just a small problem, but remember, do n¡¯t use 502 to stick it. 502 is a strong oxidizing glue. After that, the skin in that place was oxidized, it was very hard, and it affected the feel. In this case, I took it directly to the place where I repaired the shoes. Let him help you stick it with the blending glue and wipe the wound before you stick it.
10. Tips: Before doing volleyball fitness exercise, be sure to do a warm-up exercise, open up your physical activity, and wear protective equipment

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